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PhD candidate for the project Life-Course Transitions, Socio-Economic Status and Health Behaviours - NIDI-KNAW

Promoting healthy behaviours in society is a key ambition of much research on the intersection of the social and medical sciences. However, the understanding of the mechanisms producing health inequalities over the life course is still limited. The causation mechanism suggests that people’s socio-economic and sociodemographic positions cause changes in health behaviours. The selection mechanism suggests that health differences result from differences in behaviours that already existed prior to the ‘sorting’ of people into socioeconomic and socio-demographic positions. This project aims at disentangling this causation-selection conundrum by applying a life-course perspective. In a longitudinal design, the impact of life-course transitions on health behaviours is studied, alongside the role of socio-economic characteristics. To do so, this project pools expertise from the social and medical sciences.

This PhD will focus on the relationship between life-course transitions and health during older adulthood. In older adulthood, events are often focused on relinquishing obligations (e.g. retirement, widowhood). Data will be analyzed from the Lifelines study. Another PhD will focus on that same relationship during young adulthood (no vacancy).

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vrijdag, 6 september, 2019