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The project aims to understand how foreign direct investment (FDI) generated employment is affecting the well-being of workers, and women in particular, in Africa where FDI is becoming one of the main sources of new employment opportunities and economic growth on the continent. This project will study this question through the case of Ethiopia, one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, with unprecedented rates of female wage labour. It asks whether the rapid influx of foreign direct investment (FDI) from different types of investors into various sectors of the Ethiopian economy is creating decent work (SDG8) and how it impacts the well-being (SDG3) of the women employed in these industries. Achieving gender equality (SDG5) among workers remains a key challenge in rapidly-industrializing Ethiopia, which is currently ranked one of the lowest countries for the Gender Development Index.  The 3WE project consists of four interlinked sub-projects. The post-doctoral project involves developing qualitative methodological tools and conducting ethnographic fieldwork amongst female workers in FDI employment in Ethiopia, as well as analysing this data. The post-doctoral researcher is expected to collaborate closely with qualitative and quantitative researchers in the other sub-projects. 

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donderdag, 4 april, 2019