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The Urban Studies Institute (USI) at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, conducts multi- and interdisciplinary research on urbanization and urban issues. It offers a platform for urban sociologists; urban planners; ecologists and health scientists; geographers and transport economists; urban historians; and cultural, communication and literary scholars who strongly invest in interdisciplinary cooperation.

The USI is currently looking for two full-time research managers:

one with a focus on cities and sustainability, for multidisciplinary research on the urban living environment; health in the urban context; the urban metabolism; the city as an infrastructure and socio-technical entity; and the complex and layered relationships between (urban) nature on the one hand and urban economic, social, political and cultural developments on the other hand;
one with a focus on cities and citizenship, for multidisciplinary research on the city as a political actor (in layered political structures); political participation and civil society; immigration, integration and mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion; urban identities; and the relation between citizenship and participation on the one hand and the smart city on the other.  


zondag, 18 juni, 2017