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Senior researcher Quantitative International Migration studies - NIDI-KNAW

The senior research will be part of the theme group Migration and Migrants at NIDI, a leading European center of research in the field of population studies. The research within the theme group covers national and international projects on migration flows, -choices, scenarios and projections as well as the study of (demographic-) behavior and attitudes of those with migrant origin after settlement in the receiving society. Research at NIDI and within the theme group is driven by academic excellence which is reflected in (inter-)national grants and awards. Furthermore, the aim is to also link and translate this excellent and most state of the art research into relevant insights for policy and wider society.

Within the theme group there are, in addition to the theme group leader, two senior researchers who work along their own research lines. They closely collaborate with the theme group leader who manages a larger group of enthusiastic researchers of PhD students and postdocs who do research on mainly externally funded projects. The research group thus is composed of researchers in different stages of their academic career and focusing on a specific subthemes within the wider topic of migration and migrant studies.

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donderdag, 27 februari, 2020


Den Haag